Invitation to Participate in an Economic Empowerment in Sport Project

The National Organisation for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR) invites sports organizations, groups, SMEs, and sports Associations in Zambia to participate in the Ready to Earn Project.

Project Overview

Ready to Earn (R2E) is a project that aims at empowering young women in sports by giving them an opportunity to earn through sports. This is done through training them in Entrepreneurship and employability. R2E aims to disrupt the sports sector in Zambia, closing the gap on gender and economic inequality. By providing bespoke training pathways and galvanizing a movement for women passionate about sport, as well as driving change within the sport sector to champion these women, R2E will foster their resilience, agency and inclusion in society. R2E is aiming to address gender and economic inequality through engaging with the sport sector specifically. Through this programme we expect change at individual level and sector level.

Individual Women

At an individual level we will provide income generating opportunities to women in sport between the ages of 18 and 35 years, thus increasing gender inclusion within an entire sector and reducing gender stereotypes within society in general. We aim to reach forty (40) individual women in sport: women between the age of 18-35 who are engaged in sport. Sport engagement formats include: athlete, technical, administrative, research, education, events, products, etc

Sport Organisations

The sport organisations (federations, NGOs, sports clubs etc) will receive expert support to strengthen their approach to gender equality across the organisation. organisation leaders and staff within sport organisations will strengthen, develop, and initiate more gender inclusive and accessible processes and systems.

Invitation to organisations to participate in the programme

We invite local sports organisations / entities to participate in this programme for the period October 2021 – April 2023 to engage with us in a community that will be taking action to level the field in sport for young women to earn.

We have opportunity for twelve (12) Sports organisations. Sports organisations include but are not limited to: NGOs, clubs, groups, companies that offer sport services and products within Zambia.

Participating organisations will engage in capacity development and learning to create sector wide change for an enabling economic environement for women. Organisations will have opportunities for the following:

  • Gender Capacity Assessment
  • Policy Development
  • Training for Staff
  • Learning and Networking

Responsibility of the participating organisation

  • Support identification and engagement of individual women to participate
  • Contributing data for periodic reports
  • Attend all meetings and trainings as agreed
  • Partner should have and be willing to update adequate policies: eg safeguarding and protection and gender policies
  • Collaborate on advocacy for equity within the sport sector

Partner diversity

Participating organisations will be drawn from a cross section of the sports sector:

  • NGOs, NSA, Community Clubs, Sports Businesses
  • Various locations and reach, diversity of sport


  • Must be an organized group, formally registered or not registered, affiliated to a registered entity
  • Should have clear leadership, members, and activities

Compatible values & principles

Must commit to the following beliefs, values and principles of NOWSPAR which Include: equity, accountability, transparency, integrity.

To indicate your interest to participate please email us by 28th October 2021 providing the following information:

  • Name of Organisation
  • Location
  • Type of Activities
  • Contact person and position

Ready to Earn is a collaboration between NOWSPAR, Response Network, and Women Win. The initiative is funded by Comic Relief and the Scottish Government within the Levelling the Field II programme.