What is GOAL:  is a sport for development program, which uses Sport and Life-Skills education to develop leadership and transform the lives of adolescent girls. Created by Standard Chartered in 2006, the curriculum is primarily designed for girls aged 12-18 years who are living in undeserved communities around the world.


Aim: To empower over 12,500 adolescent girls through sport-based leadership skill building and financial literacy activities as one step in their process of economic empowerment.


  • To reach over 2,500 girls each year through Sport and life skills and increasing both numbers of participants and regional reach of program.
  • Build cross-sector partnerships with government (schools, sport federations), NGOs (partner organisations) and corporate (SCB) to generate commitment to ensure sustainability of girls’ leadership through sport
  • Generate engagement with both Standard Chartered employees and community stakeholders in Zambia through short and impact-full participation
  • Provide a safe environment for girls to play sport

Since 2014, the Goal program has reached over 7,500 adolescent girls in Zambia through the implementing partners NOWSPAR, funded by Women Win and Standard Chartered Bank.

The program is implemented through three strategic ways: Traditional Goal, Goal Events and Localized events


Traditional Goal (Full Program)- NOWSPAR implements the full 9-month Goal program to reach 500 girls per year. The Full Goal Program includes regular sport and life skills sessions.

Goal Events

A Goal Event is a 1-3 day in-person experience where adolescent girls are exposed to some combination of the four main Goal modules. In addition to the life-skills sessions, girls have an opportunity to participate in sport activities and play-based games. These activities are designed to reinforce the learning and personal exploration of leadership addressed in the educational sessions. The events can take place at schools, community sport grounds/facilities, universities or other public spaces. These events involve an estimated 250 participants.    

Localized Events:

These are smaller events with about 50 participants per event and are usually half a day events. They have the primary purpose of developing girls’ financial literacy and personal leadership. Sport and/or play-based games are incorporated to reinforce learning and give girls a place to learn new sports and practice leadership skills.