1. Every Body Matters: This is our flagship program. The aim is to facilitate structural change and capacity to transform gender relations and practices among sport civil society, government to enhance women and girls rights to sport.

The broad outcomes we expect are:

a. Sport based Associations and NGOs will have the ability, interest and focus to deliver sport for girls and women
b. Sport Associations and NGOs will actively provide opportunities, choices and capacities for girls participation
c. girls and women and communities will access their right to sport and recreation
d. Government and stakeholders will fulfil commitment to obligations

2. Play Free: This is mainly focused on policy engagement with the intended impact being a reduction in athlete and practitioner vulnerability to sport based GBV within sport institutions in Zambia.

The three broad outcomes are to:

a. Increase engagement in development and monitoring of policy on sport GBV by sport athletes and practitioners
b. Advocate for sport institutions to implement safety systems which protect athletes and sport practitioners from sport based GBV
c. Increase accountability of sport governance structures to their stakeholders and constituencies on addressing sport based GBV

3. Building Young Women’s Leadership Through Sport[1][1]: This program is aims to build the leadership skills, self-confidence and advocacy skills of girls and young women through sporting activities. (Age target 12 – 24)

The expected outcomes are:

a. Young women will become agents of change within their families and communities,
b. Young women will challenge gender norms
c. Young women will have increased control over decision making in key areas (economic, social and health).
d. Young women will ultimately become role models for other girls in their society

4. Girl Power Through Sport: The overall aim of this program is that girls and young women have knowledge and skills to shape their own lives. (Age target 12 – 24)

We have four key outcomes we are working towards:

a. Better protection for girls and young women from violence
b. Values in communities do not allow violence against girls and young women and ensure protection
c. Government, sport structures, acts for better protection of girls and young women
d. Sport Civil Society acts for gender equality

5. Goal: Building Girls’ Leadership in Zambia: The aim of this program is to empower adolescent girls through leadership skill building and financial literacy as one step in their process of economic empowerment. We work directly with girls using a sport based leadership development program that covers personal awareness, health, financial literacy and prevention of gender based violence.

We run several projects that are more short term including trainings, media work, conferences, sports events and volunteer exchange among others.