Coaches are leaders Our General Secretary Lombe Mwambwa was speaking at the Women Football Coaches Trainning Course held by the Football Association of Zambia with 26 Coaches drawn from schools and sports clubs across the country.

Hey key message was the need for coaches in football to recognise their leadership and advocacy roles. The challenge of being practitioners as well as their own advocates and advocates for the interests of the players and the sport in general.

The discussion covered issues of access to resources, leadership, protection and capacity development opportunities.

Here are some of the issues and concerns that the Women Football Coaches would like to addressed within the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to improve women’s football.





Sheroes- Each Club in the FAZ league should have a women’s team

- Annual awards in football should also include the women’s league, clubs, players and coaches too

- There should be a Cup to be won at the end of the women’s football league at present, it just ends without awards for the winners






Q n A- Promote visibility of women’s teams through events, such as curtain raising games at major football events

- The FAZ website and social media pages should also have a lot of information on women’s football

- The Football Association should market and negotiate league support for corporate sponsorship of the women’s league as well as broadcast of women’s football matches on national television






Discussion- The Women’s Committee of the Football Association should be strengthened and their input given more value by the executive committee

- Ensure awareness and protection of women in football on rights and protection from harassment and abuse

- There should be awareness on the right behavior and code of conduct, also need to make it easier to report problems and that those who do wrong are dealt with.




Carol Speaking

- Procurement of kit should be done with women in mind so that it fits properly, women do not want to have to use mens kit

- Facilitate partnership with local schools and universities to ensure the women’s league will run for longer







Certificates- Ensure Gate charges fro women’s football matches are not set so high that spectators rates are low

- Profile and promote women in football through media coverage and Association communications and publications








Certificate Presentation

- Review the women’s football development plan and pursue the delivery on funding requirements by FIFA

- Diversify the stakeholders represented on the Women Football Development Committee








Team Pic- Facilitate understanding by academies and NGOs of the player data requirements for the FAZ data base

- Ensure the quality and quantity of camping and team preparations are adequate and fair