Women's Football Team

The Women National Football Team will be heading to Namibia this month to compete in the 9th African Women Championship taking place on 11th -25th October in Namibia. Currently in camp, the team are preparing to score goals not just in this tournament but also in their own lives.

In partnership with the Women’s Committee, NOWSPAR presents workshop sessions with the team on various topics including rights, gender inequality, protection from violence and leadership.This week,the session conducted focused on Financial Literacy and was based on the Goal Curriculum and led by our staff Fatima assisted by Chikondi and Bertha. We had 29 players and 4 members of the Technical Team.



 One of the players asking Fatima a question

The discussion covered the importance of financial literacy in personal development and leadership, explored how the young women acquired money and what key expenses they have, decision making and the role of money in empowerment.







SessionThe players mentioned that a major motivation for saving money is the short term and risky nature of a career in football and therefore the need for other options for earning money. Players are concerned that although they would like to play football professionally just like men, women’s football in Zambia does not enable them to earn any income. Even the basic allowances for practical expenses while they are on national duty are too little and at times not provided. They would want their team to be more valued like the men’s teams.

Having limited income increases both the need and the challenge of saving, and considering the social status that the young women hold as National Team players, the players recognise the conflicting demands and desires on how to spend the money they earn in and outside football.




 Tech Team


Suggestions for topics for discussion in the next workshop include communication, conflict resolution and rights.

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