OYDCThe Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) is a multi-purpose sports and education complex established in partnership between the Government of Zambia and the International Olympic Committee IOC) and the National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ). The OYDC runs programs including athlete and technical sport development and social programs including health and rights awareness for children and youth.

NOWSPAR was part of the consultative meeting held on Saturday 29th September at the OYDC at which discussions where held on the current programs and operations and opportunities for cooperation.

One key result area of the OYDC is ensuring access to sport and social development programs of girls and women by contributing to opportunities for athletes, coaches, peer leaders and technical staff.

NOWSPAR will be supporting the delivery of some leadership and sport activities for girls and young women at the OYDC.

Also present at the meeting were National Sport Associations, the National Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sport.

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