Play It Forward (PIF)

PIF uses an holistic approach to transform the lives of adolescent girls (AG) and young women (YW) in Zambia. Building on existing programs that empowers AG through sport and life skills, PIF creates pathways to economic empowerment for Goal alumnae, while building organisational capacities to stimulate a more girl-friendly sport sector.

Target and Objectives

PIF is implemented in the lower socioeconomic semi-urban neighborhoods in and around the Central Province of Zambia. In general, these communities are characterized by high rates of school dropout, youth unemployment, HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, and single-parent or child-headed households. Adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) face specific challenges such as HIV and early pregnancy: HIV infects more AGYW than any other group, while 30% of girls aged 15-19 have already been pregnant or given birth (Zambia MDG Report 2013).

While youth unemployment in Zambia is generally declining (from over 30% in 1991 to about 14% in 2016), AGYW in target communities face significant economic hardship. With higher gender inequality in Zambia compared with Sub-Saharan neighbours, there are fewer women than men reaching higher education and low female participation in the labour market (UNDP, 2016). In this context, young women and girls face many economic vulnerabilities including:
•               Lack of access to economic resources, assets and income-generating options
•               Lack of agency in shaping their own lives
•               Pressures to contribute to household income at all costs, including through transactional sex, day-hire or piece work such as laundry or house cleaning
•               Limited opportunities for employment, training and education due to poverty, early pregnancy or school dropout.