• Every Body Matters
  • Goal Project
  • Youth Sport Exchange Program
  • Premier Skills
  • Play it Forward

Every Body Matters Aims to facilitate structural change and capacity to transform gender relations and practices among sport civil society, government to enhance women and girls rights

The Goal is to strengthening the sports sector to deliver for girls and women.



Goal is Building Girls leadership in Zambia aimed to empower adolescent girls aged 12-20 through leadership skill building, Reproductive health, human rights and financial literacy using sports and physical activities as one step in the process of economic empowerment. NOWSPAR has been implementing the program since 2014, reaching over 2500 Adolescent girls each year through life skills and sports sessions in five provinces.

Youth Sport Exchange Program

The Youth Sports Exchange Program (YSEP) Through this people to people exchange, this program gives youths involved in sports from different parts of the world an opportunity to learn, exchange and develop positive attitudes, new skills and a deeper understanding of African and Norwegian cultures in a way formal education is unable to.                  

premier skills

Premier Skills Project an international partnership between the British council and premier League using football to develop a brighter future  for young people around the world. Premier Skills provides an opportunity for coaches, referees and players to become better integrated into their local communities to develop their skills for employ-ability and raise  their self esteem. Premier skills  currrently  runs in 19 countries in Across the world. NOWSPAR has trained 150 coaches between 2016-2018 through this program

play it forward

Play it Forward PIF uses a holsic apporach to transform the lives of adolecent girls and young women Building on the existing Goal Program. PIF creates pathways to economic empowerment for alumnae, while building organisational capacities to stimulate a more girl friendly sport sector. PIF targets 1,200 Adolecent Girls between the ages of 10-19 who attend government schools participation in Goal Program and activities including sport, life skill education and leadership. PIF also targets 150 young women/ Alumnae aged between 18 and 25 to participate in an internationally Economic Empowerment (EE) project.

Play Free mainly focuses on the engagement of with the intended impact being reduction  in athlete practitioner vulnerability to sport based Gender Based Violence (GBV) within sports institutions in Zambia