Youth Sport Exchange Program

The Youth Sports Exchange Program (YSEP) is an exchange program for Norwegian and African youths funded by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Fredskorpset Norway) and coordinated by The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympics Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF).

Through the exchange of young, skilled sports instructors, administrators and coaches, the purpose of the partnership is to:

  • Increase capacity (i.e. capacity building) of the partner sports organisations and outreach to grass roots communities
  • Increase awareness and use of sport as a medium of development and social transformation
  • Increase networking and cooperation between partners
  • Increase understanding & tolerance of difference, and to contribute to the development of a more equal relationship/partnership between organisations and peoples from the North and South


Through this people-to-people exchange, this program also gives African and Norwegian youth involved in sports an opportunity to learn, exchange and develop positive attitudes, new skills and a deeper understanding of African and Norwegian cultures in a way formal education is unable to do.

NOWSPAR is the lead Coordinating Partner in YSEP in Zambia and is responsible for the overall coordination of the program. Other partner organizations include Response Network, Sport in Action, Edusport, Zambia Athletics Association, Zambia Volleyball Association, National Olympic Committee of Zambia and the Handball Association of Zambia.