WalkThe 2015 Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk in Zambia was held on 9th March 2015 in Lusaka led by Flag Bearer Lumbiwe assisted by VVLead Fellows Sandra Ndona and Lombe Mwambwa who is General Secretary of NOWSPAR. NOWSPAR convene's a Women in Sport Leadership Network (WSLN) A platform for leadership development, mentoring, networking and advocacy. Through this Network, NOWSPAR supported Lombe to participate in the Vital Voices Mentoring Walk.

 Three Leaders participated including Ms. Matilda Mwaba, Ms. Norena Chiteba and Ms. Aya Noguchi.

 Ms. Matilda Mwaba (Founder of NOWSPAR and Current Africa Representative to the International Working Group on Women in Sport) was the Lead Mentor at the Women’s Leaders Mentoring Walk workshop as a keynote speaker.




E.D Ovation

E.D Speaking

In her speech, Ms Mwaba shared her story of how she has built up her professional career in sports administration and advocacy. She emphasized to young female leaders of importance to believe in themselves to achieve their own professional goal.








WalkSince it is a challenge for young women to find their role models and create networks in the professional field, the mentoring approach is very crucial for developing young women’s leaders.

The walk provided an opportunity for personal interaction to share experiences, ideas and establish mentoring relationships and goals.








NorianaThe second speaker, after the discussion and mentoring goal-setting sessions, was Ms. Noreena Chiteba, Pesident of the Zambia Squash Association and Founder of KUPES Network a Leadership Program for Young Women. Ms. Chiteba is also a member of the National Sports Council of Zambia Gender Committee and an active part of the Women in Sport Leadership Network.

In pic Ms. Chiteba speaking ‘You are privileged to be here’







Lo and Aya

 NOWSPAR Intern Ms. Aya Noguchi was also a participant in this event and will work with VVLead Fellow Lombe on mutual goals around advocacy, academic progress and research on women in sport.


Aya and Lombe developing Peer Mentorship Plan






Lo and N.CMs. Chiteba spoke about the importance of mentoring and the importance of having someone to speak to about decisions and life choices.  She emphasized the need for the relationship to be two way and not one to be forced onto the mentee. ‘A mentoring relationship will not work if you do not want to be mentored, if you do not have the desire, then this will not work.

The event was hosted at iSchool Zambia offices, Lulu and Sandra are members of staff of iSchool while NOWSPAR, Lombe’s organisation provided the T-Shirts for the event. The three fellows fundraised from friends and family to meet the costs of the event

.Lombe introducing Norena



Stretching after the Walk

Stretcging- Post WalkSome immediate results of this event are that the girls have been invited to participate in a mentoring workshop by KUPES Network the following weekend. A network of mentors and mentees has been started to provide continued opportunities for networking and development and monitoring of the mentoring targets and actions plans.







Flag Bearer Lumbiwe with Matilda Mwaba

Mentor n Flag BearerThe Mentoring Walk is an initiative of Vital Voices, which is a global women’s leaders mentoring program based in United States and this year more than a 7, 000 women in 72 locations in 51 Countries have participated in the Walk.

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