Our History

NOWSPAR was formally registered in 2006 following several years of organising women and men to draw attention to the much needed action on gender issues in sport.

Led by the late Matilda Mwaba (1957-2021), the founding of NOWSPAR happened in the wake of the wave of the women’s movements mobilising in Zambia, across the continent and internationally energised by the Beijing World Conference on Women and Platform of Action in 1995 and the IWG World Conference of Women and Sport in 1998 in Namibia.

Our founder Ms. Matilda Mwaba (Judo) convened a group to pioneer the formation and work of NOWSPAR. They worked together to develop a network of women and men and to institutionalise the work to address gender inequalities in sport that result in women’s marginalisation. After several attempts, NOWSPAR was formally registered as a non-governmental organisation in 2006.

The team during the early years of formation of NOWSPAR included among others: Ms. Mutinta Mweembe – Physical Education, Mr. David Kailo – Judo, Ms. Sylvia Chalikosa – Motorsport, Ms. Maria Malunga – Church Community, Ms. Carol Chiyassa – Judo, Ms. Lombe Mwambwa – Kalusha Foundation among others.