Get Involved!


  • Participate In Events
  • Submit Information To Our Surveys
  • Volunteer Or Intern With Us
  • Share And Promote The Topics We Work On
  • Partner With Us To Deliver Programmes
  • Fundraise (Cash & Inkind) For Our Projects
  • Provide Goods And Services
  • Join As A Member

Become a Member

NOWSPAR members commit to following the values, standards, and practices of the organisation towards gender equity and a culture of respect, excellence, and solidarity.

As a member of NOWSPAR you will have opportunities to:

Participate: Get involved in activities to address issues you care about together with like-minded individuals and organisations within our networks.

Learn: Increase your opportunities and access to knowledge through our communications and events where we share insights from our work and from research across the sector.

Support: Gain access to support for your ideas, activities, and actions through our technical expertise, funding, influence, and networks.

  1. Members participate in the annual consultation survey and in our periodic strategic priorities consultation to inform the organisation strategic direction and approach.
  2. Members engage in various initiatives to provide feedback and perspectives on the situation and context of sport and gender issues within their area and networks.
  3. Members stand and act in solidarity with each other and the rest of the membership and sports sector.
  4. Members nominate, stand and elect two (2) categories of Board Members:
    • One (1) Programme participant
    • Two (2) Representatives from among members
  5. Members approve the annual report and financial statements every year during the Annual General Meeting.
  6. Members provide feedback and interact with the Board and Secretariat on programmes and operations during the AGM and consultation programmes.
  7. Members participate in project activities and events and working groups/committees based on their capacity and availability.

Organisations / Associations/ Education Institutions: ZMW 1,500

Community clubs/ teams: ZMW 500

Individuals: ZMW 250