Matilda Mwaba

Matilda Mwaba (1958 – 2021). MHSRIEP.

Matilda Mwaba Annual Lecture

The lecture is conducted to raise awareness on issues of women and sport. The lectures are on topics related to sport. Speakers may address issues such as performance, sport management, physical activity, physical education, policy, history, research, and legislation among other subjects.

The annual event includes a main lecture by a speaker and a panel discussion, with engagement from audience members. The event also has a networking reception element to promote interaction among guests drawn from the sports sector and beyond.

The Matilda Mwaba Lecture is an annual event hosted by NOWSPAR to celebrate the life and work in sport of Matilda Mwaba (1957-2021). Matilda Mwaba made significant contributions to sport and gender advocacy in Zambia, Africa, and globally for several decades.

Matilda Mwaba Sports Education Fund

The Matilda Mwaba Sports Education Fund is focused on providing scholarships for a diversity of education opportunities for girls and women in sport. Scholarships are provided through NOWSPAR or directly by other institutions. Read about it here.

Matilda Mwaba Media Award

NOWSPAR has partnered with MISA Zambia to deliver an award at the MISA Annual Media Awards for 2021 that recognises contribution to equity within sports in Zambia. The Matilda Mwaba Equity in Sport Award is presented in honour of Ms Matilda Mwaba co-founder of NOWSPAR and advocate for equity in sport. Read more here.