Our Work

Access to sport is the primary focus of our work.

As NOWSPAR we facilitate peoples’ access to sport. This facilitation is done through the provision of sports opportunities for recreation, and the support we offer sports organisations to deliver sports based activities specifically to marginalised groups like girls and women in rural areas, and low income parts of the country.

Besides the mentioned steps, as NOWSPAR we also market sports in communities through the support we give to community-based organisations that hold sport events which encourage women and girls to take part in sports.

In addition, we also try to demonstrate that sport is not just competitive but can be used for recreational purposes and career development.

All our programs aim to promote equity in a male dominated sports sector. Most of our programs target girls and women as sports programming is male dominated. We promote the participation of girls and women in our interventions through different empowerment approaches that provide life skills, employability and entrepreneurship opportunities and financial literacy.

Among our deliberate actions was the sponsoring of 5 young women in our network who took part in the CAF C training that only engaged women. This opportunity will see to it that women become part of the sports coaches qualifying to head major tournaments.

Furthermore, we have worked with girls and young women under two different programmes namely Play It Forward (PIF) and Ready to Earn (R2E) to empower 245 (150 for PIF and 95 RE) Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) through capacity building with different skills centres.The girls and young women have attained different skills such as catering, auto mobile mechanics, catering, tailoring and design. We have developed further partnerships with sports associations such as FAZ and have supported 12 young women in attaining coach licenses in FAZ D and CAF C (7 under PIF and 5 under RE respectively).

Additionally, we have given out start- up capital to 22 girls under the PIF programme which has helped them to run successful businesses. The girls and young women are now able to manage their businesses and maintain their employment which has overall reduced poverty amongst them.

NOWSPAR is currently supporting 52 women working in the sports sector in Entrepreneurship and Employability skills training through the Ready to Earn Project.

This has resulted in the young women having access to start up funds and external financing for small businesses which has in turn led to an increased capacity and knowledge for them to start their own businesses.

We insist on not only formal sports disciplines but general physical activity that is locally relevant and led by community volunteers and staff.

Through our programs we address various aspects of health including. Our GOAL program enables us to promote Health through the dynamic sport tools used to educate beneficiaries on various health topics.

As an organization we have a child protection policy that all our employees and subgrantees/ partners sign up to.

Through Every Body Matters program, we work to strengthen Community based organizations to infuse child and women safeguarding policies in all their programming.

Furthermore, under the Children Play Free we aim to create strategic partnerships that will promote child and women safeguarding in communities.

As NOWSPAR we advocate for women to be in leadership positions. We build capacity in organizations through policies that encourage women to aspire for leadership positions in associations and organizations.

NOWSPAR has been able to conduct various trainings for women in sports, athletes, and sports leaders to ensure their development to participate at all levels in sport and physical activity.

Through the training workshops the women are able create networks and coalitions that promote participation in sports and provide opportunities of engagement at different levels within and outside sports for instance;

NOWSPAR has supported the design and delivery of leadership workshops/seminars for training leaders; previously we conducted:

a) Workshops for women leaders by the National Olympic Committee of Zambia
b) Workshops for women leaders by the National Sports Council of Zambia.
c) Meeting with National Sports Council of Zambia with the purpose of building a relationship for development of their community level leaders.

In addition, we believe that education is important especially for the girl child and under the Goal programme, we advocate for every girl to have equal access to education. We work with different organisations using our Goal curriculum to allow the girl child to learn about different social skills, health and financial literacy. We make sure that our content is informative and of good quality to allow the girls to have enough knowledge and be able to participate in the overall demands of the world which requires knowledgeable citizens.

To have an inclusive sports sector at various levels, NOWSPAR has actively engaged in advocacy work through participating in international, regional, and local interventions that have upheld the rights of all athletes to fair and equal representation in sports. We have done so by maintaining formal membership in international networks and groups that focus on women in sport, sport science, and sport for social change.

NOWSPAR has conducted advocacy training for young women sport leaders in several Sport for Development organizations within Zambia and other African Countries. Furthermore, NOWSPAR has Conducted 6 parent forums in 3 districts (Kabwe, Lusaka and Chongwe) where we deliver activities for children and youth, including those with disabilities. These actions enabled the parents to have increased knowledge about children’s rights and the need for safe spaces to play sports. Especially young and adolescent girls to play sports without any form of harm of physical, emotional, mental, or sexual abuse and violence.

• To be more inclusive NOWSPAR Provided Financial and Staff support to a partner CSO to conduct a disabled women’s wheelchair basketball sports event on International Women’s Day this deliberate act Increased capacity to deliver a sport-based event for women with disabilities and increased the community’s knowledge on inclusive sport.

• As NOWSPAR we previously Conducted a Partners workshop with 7 local CSOs and trained them on gender issues in sport and how to ensure equity, women and girls’ leadership and involvement in key decision making.

As NOWSPAR we work with different organizations from grassroot to international levels. This is to ensure that our work reaches everyone and that our work is also sustained. Our model is to support other organizations to develop their structures and enable them to function properly as an institution.Our approach to strengthening sport CSOs organizational capacity to deliver sport and physical activity in a safe, inclusive, and ethical environment is through sub granting to other organizations to deliver sports and physical activity.

Over the past years we have continued to build our capacity on grant management, improve our tools and systems for managing grant partners.

We have increased the number and types of grant partners both local and international, in addition we have conducted a Partners workshop with 7 local CSOs and trained them on gender issues in sport and how to ensure equity, women and girls’ leadership and involvement in key decision making.