The International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) is now accepting bids from countries or organisations interested in:

- the position of IWG Co-Chair in 2018-2022;

- hosting the IWG Secretariat from September 2018 – 2022; and

- hosting the 8th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport in May/June 2022

Ideally, these three opportunities should be taken on by a single country or organisation. However, a joint bid from more than one organization / country working together may also be considered as a possibility. Joint bids are to be outlined in your application with details of both organizations and how the partnership will work.

Candidates bidding for IWG hosting must secure funding for support of all these functions.

Download the bid document below.

Download this file (2018-2022 bid document.pdf)IWG Bid Document[ ]249 kB