Every Body Matters is our flagship program.

The aim is to facilitate structural change and capacity to transform gender relations and practices among sport civil society, government to enhance women and girls rights.

Goal: Strengthening the sports sector to deliver for girls and women.

Objectives :

  • Advancing women and girls social, economic, and political rights so that cultures and practices within the sports sector are just and empowering for women
  • Building coalitions and networks of women and girls so that women, sports organisations and networks are active, strong and capable
  • Resourcing advocacy and services for women’s rights to sports so that sports organisations are equipped and better positioned to challenge inequalities within and outside of the sport sector

The broad outcomes we expect are:

  1. Sport based Associations and NGOs will have the ability, interest and focus to deliver sport for girls and women
  2. Sport Associations and NGOs will actively provide opportunities, choices and capacities for girls participation
  3. girls and women and communities will access their right to sport and recreation
  4. Government and stakeholders will fulfil commitment to obligations

The beneficiaries of our work are girls and women who are under-served due to gender discrimination, economic and geographic disadvantage due to poor service delivery through state and CSO structures. in addition, organisations within the sports sector whose role is to provide sports opportunities and channels of participation and progression in all areas of sport.