Call for Consultant: NGO Procurement Trainer

Call for Trainer Services: Delivery of Introductory NGO Procurement Management Training Opportunity: Short term consulting service Background The National Organisation for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR) is a Zambian NGO that works together with other sport organisations to advance the delivery of sport and sport for development services across the country. Together with other sport NGOs in Zambia, NOWSPAR seeks training services to strengthen their capacity for fair, open, and transparent procurement process in line with the best practices for procurement in non-governmental organizations. Further, the collective of sport organisations and their partners are interested in adopting well-established public procurement principles that support our program’s ability to deliver on commitments and accountability to donors and to the communities we serve. The objective of this training service is to support sport management and staff engaging with procurement and supply chain processes across organisations departments with the knowledge and skills needed to understand procurement principles. The training will provide orientation to mangers and implementation staff to broad principles of procurement that will support their understanding of specific internal organisation processes and organization governance policies. The training is aimed at increasing the participants’ understanding of procurement principles and procedures that apply in non-profit organizations. Scope of Work The selected trainer will be expected to deliver online training, consisting of several sessions and sub-modules as needed to cover the requisite topics, to frontline and management staff of sport organisations in Zambia. The participants will be from different offices that are engaged with procurement functions. About the Participants The participants (total of twenty-five – 25) are drawn from sport NGOs of varied sized and institutional development. These organisations are largely funded through multiple funders with specific project agreements. Sport organisations operate a staffing and operational structure that is organically developed to be responsive to the waves of donor income and the related project sizes that they implement. These among other considerations are important to the context within which the participants work and seek to implement procurement principles that contribute to the financial integrity, accountability, and resource efficiency of their organisations. The training is expected to contain the topics below and to be at least between 8 hours delivered preferably either as half-day training across two days or as a full-day training (exact schedule to be determined). The training should cover the following topics among others: General National Policy and Legislation Related to Procurement Supplier Selection and Evaluation Methods Supplier Performance and Relationship Management Risk Management in Supply Chain Negotiation Techniques Ethics and Accountability Prevention of Fraud and Corruption Organisation Structure and Culture Consultancy Deliverables · Final training plan and schedule incorporating any changes following an inception meeting · Participant list for each session · Ensure pre-and post-test to monitor participants’ skills and knowledge improvement and provide quantitative analysis of overall participants’ increase in knowledge · A training report with reflections and observations from the training, including recommendations for continuous support and development for participants and for further learning Format, Geographical Location and Time The format of the online training is expected to be with practical activities and handouts/presentations / self-paced working tools which will be given to the participants before and after the meeting date. This training will be conducted on an interactive online platform (e.g. Zoom). The trainer will organize all technical arrangements for the training and communicate with the participants regarding the training details (e.g. training platform, training time, agenda) prior to the session. The training is expected to be delivered in the period between November – December 2021. Trainer Profile The traininer/ institution is expected to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for this work: General: · Minimum 5 years of professional experience in providing training in the area of public procurement and Supply Chain management · Demonstrable experience in designing and implementing online training and workshops · The institution(s) has tailor-made training programs for purchasing professionals in the public sector and local NGOs in Zambia Trainer(s) Profile Excellent communication, facilitation, and interpersonal skills Fluent in English (both spoken and written) Comprehensive knowledge of supply chain management and Experience with donor funded projects (eg as staff/ trainer/consultant) Academic/Professional qualification in a relevant field e.g. procurement/or supply chain Affiliation to a relevant professional body is added advantage Submission Guidelines Interested candidates are requested to submit the following by 15th November 2021 Technical proposal demonstrating a clear understanding of the ToR and expected deliverables, as well as describing the training methodology, plan, curriculum and tools to be used including pre and post learning checks for participants Timeline for delivery of the training with detailed activity schedule (exact schedule to be agreed) A financial proposal inclusive of all costs needed for the work To submit send email and attachments to: procurement [at] nowspar dot com